In advertising, not every eyeball was created equal. Today, with people using social media, search engines and online shopping, advertisers have access to all this useful information.  Targeted advertising makes use this to appear on targeted customers newsfeeds and browsers.

Digital Marketing is the new print!

Almost everyone’s has a Facebook account. Even people who don’t see a need to update Facebook regularly, still may use it behind the scenes for a number of reasons.  Maybe it’s the way co-workers communicate shifts. Maybe it’s students sharing notes. Either way, Facebook has close two billion monthly active users. Just to get that figure into perspective. Online advertising is the most efficient way to promote a product or service to a target demographic, and it’s one of the cheapest. It’s ridiculous! Not only do you get as many people as possible aware of the product, you get to pay less for it too.

People Don’t look for Advertisments

With the exception of movie trailers, people will never look for advertisements. More often than not, they’re nuisances and people will pay just so they don’t get bothered with them. This means advertisers can’t expect people to make the effort to find their ads. They need to get the ads to people who need to see them. This means putting it somewhere they can see it, and making sure they’re ads they actually want to see.

You get the product to people who want it!

Whoever said business was only for profit probably went bankrupt. It’s about growing a community of loyal customers and the profit follows. Through targeted advertising, your ads make it to people whose demographic, interests and price ranges match those who are likely to buy the product. Why waste time bother selling a dress to a person who doesn’t wear one? You aren’t just wasting your time and effort, you’re wasting theirs. If a beautiful pink dress goes on sale, there’s a young girl looking forward to prom somewhere who deserves to know about it. Whenever a big concert happens, there are fans who need to know about it. As advertisers, it is our imperative to make sure these people are made aware that the things they want are just within their reaches. Only targeted advertising guarantees that these people get exactly what they need to see.

You’ve got a product and people out there want it. They deserve to know about it, and you deserve to sell it!