Andy Rimer
Andy RimerFounder/Creator
Growing up as a 1st generation social media content creator, Spandy Andy has a proven track record with over 200 million video views. He has shown again and again his ability to reach the masses online.

Using trends, comedy, and creativity, Spandy Andy is able to produce relatable content people want to share.

Facebook 98%
Creativity & Design 96%
Shareable Content 99%
Kim Jacobsen
Kim JacobsenMedia Manager
By way of many places, Kim finds her home in Dallas, Texas, where everything is bigger and that includes her ideas, dreams and visions. With a goal of showcasing brands in their natural light, Kim strives to bring social media marketing to a neutral place for both consumers and producers.

With BOLD ideas, come BOLD decisions. Kim finds her strengths in making quick choices that create results.

Writing 98%
Instagram 99%
Josh Rimer
Josh RimerVideo Expert
Josh Rimer has 20 years of experience in new and traditional media. Based out of Vancouver, Josh spends his days living by the ocean creating online content. His national show on OUTtv is broadcast multiple times a week, and a partnership with Telus keeps Josh busy and engaged in his community.

Josh Rimer creates content that engages a specific yet broad group of people. His extensive knowledge of traditional marketing and media is a huge asset for BOLD.

Video 99%
Lighting 98%
Evan Giovanni
Evan GiovanniAudio Expert
Evan ‘Ellevan’ Giovanni has produced multiple musical albums for artists including himself. With an extensive knowledge of digital audio, Evan can produce a custom track for any project.
Audio 100%
Video 97%
Phil Demers
Phil DemersPR & Events
Phil Demers has appeared on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast twice sharing his story. He has over 10 years of experience producing stadium shows for 5,000 + guests. His background also includes experience on reality TV and audio engineering.
Live Events 100%
Audio 99%

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